Genres/Tags: Fighting, Arcade, Side, 3D
Companies: Team Ninja, Tecmo Koei
Languages: ENGLISH
Release Date: 1 March 2019
Setup Size: 12 GB


Total Liked This Video Game: 92%
Metacritic 76%
IGN Entertainment7.7/10

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Description Of This Game

Dead or Alive half-dozen may hold upwards a fighting game developed yesteryear Team Ninja printed yesteryear Koei Tecmo inside the Dead or Alive serial equally a sequel to Dead or Alive five. New options comprehend slow-motion moments too visual injury on the fighters throughout the course of study of the fight, whereas the travail effects from Dead or Alive 5 come upwards dorsum too foursquare mensurate a lot of pronounced.Dead or Alive half-dozen additionally marks the main fourth dimension for the serial to ain costume customization mode.Contrary to about early on reports, pectus physics but foursquare mensurate silent a business office of the sport, but may hold upwards user-adjusted a fleck similar the game's novel blood too violence choices.

The game is meant to hold upwards a lot of accessible for newcomers.New mechanics introduced foursquare mensurate the Fatal Rush, a beginner-friendly mechanic wherever pressing ane push multiple times leads to the grapheme playacting a uncomplicated trip the calorie-free fantastic toe band, too too the Break Gauge, a meter that builds upwards because the characters attack. If the Gauge is full, a Fatal Rush tin culminate inwards a really displace the same equally what the vital Blow inwards Dead or Alive 5 would do.

The game currently has 27 playable fighters.Include Momiji from Ninja Gaiden.There volition fifty-fifty hold upwards two SNK invitee characters, together amongst Mai Shiranui getting dorsum from Dead or Alive 5 Last spherical. The other SNK invitee is equally of nonetheless unknown. 


Minimum System Requirements

OS:  Window 10  (64bit)
    CPU: Intel i5-4690K 3,5 GHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 GB  
RAM:  8 GB  
    DX: 11
    Free Space: 50GB 

Recommended System Requirements

OS: Window 10
    CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K 4-Core 3.5GHz
Graphics Card:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070  four GB 
RAM: 16 GB  
    DX: 11
    Free Space: 50GB